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Grace means many things to many people.

Having the "grace of God", being "graceful", growing old "gracefully", namesake "Grace", to have elegance, and to "honor" to name a few. They all resonate with us at some level.  

Here are some thoughts I have about what it means to me both personally and professionally.  

Loosing Grace

Many of us can be over burdened by the influx of commercials, magazines, movies and media telling us how we are supposed to look, behave and what we should become.  Loosing grace comes when we believe the lies,  when we stop trusting our "gut" and loose our perspective of the true beauty that lies within us. We forget how perfectly our bodies actually are functioning when we are in pain or disabled in some way.  

We forget that our little imperfections and "flaws" that the media sees as wrong and ugly are really what make us perfectly unique and traits that are cherished by those who love us. 

Loosing grace is when we stop taking care of our bodies, our minds and our souls, when we bundle up  the everyday and forget that everyday is made up of hundreds of "moments". Opportunities to listen, to feel, to smile, to learn, to grow, to make a difference in another person's life or in your own.

Pain is a sign of inflammation or harm. It is our body's way of saying "Pay attention to me, heal me, nurture me."

Listen to your body, your mind and your spirit.

Finding Grace

Finding grace starts when you realize that your body, your soul's vessel, no longer functions as optimally as it once did and you use that realization to nurture yourself. It is the moment when you decide to hold yourself precious instead of beating yourself up because you aren't everything that you or the world expects you to be. Finding grace is when you look in the mirror and are able to honestly say to yourself "I love you." Whether you are in your 20's or 70's connecting with how your body feels at any time, during any activity, can give you an opportunity to take a step towards grace. 

 Grace is the mindful connection between your mind, your soul and your body.  

Therapeutic massage and Yoga can be wonderful pathways towards grace.  They both move the body towards flexibility, increased circulation and heart health, increased lymphatic function, states of "peace of mind" and natural relaxation, mindfulness and reconnect you to your spirit.  As a practitioner for over 8 years, I have witnessed not just health improvements in my clients but also healthy increases in self esteem, optimism and wellness.  My mission is to help you find YOUR GRACE.

Find out how a personalized massage and/or Yoga session can help you with a free consultation.  Give yourself the gift of YOU, cherish and nourish your body and spirit. Laugh at your perfect imperfections and feed your soul!  


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